XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge

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XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge

Unleash Your Potential with Precision Engineering

Premium Stainless Steel Club Head

Crafted to perfection, the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge features a premium stainless steel club head that delivers unparalleled feel and responsiveness. Designed to encourage positive shot making and consistent ball striking, this wedge ensures optimal performance even from the most challenging lies. Whether you're faced with a tight lie in the rough or a tricky approach shot, the stainless steel club head of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge provides the confidence and precision you need to conquer every shot.

Precision-Milled Groove Configurations

Experience superior spin control with the precision-milled groove configurations of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge. Developed to strict manufacturing tolerances, these milled grooves are engineered to optimize spin from all lies, giving you the control and consistency you need to tackle any shot with confidence. Whether you're looking to stop the ball quickly on the green or add spin to your approach shots, the precision-milled grooves of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge deliver unrivalled performance.

Versatile Design for Every Situation

56° Loft Option

Adapt to any situation on the course with the versatile 56° loft option of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge. Whether you need to execute a high flop shot or a low pitch shot, the 56° loft provides the perfect balance of trajectory and distance control. With this versatile loft option, you can confidently attack the pin from any lie and tackle even the most challenging shots with ease.

Regular Flex Steel Shaft

Achieve optimal performance with the regular flex steel shaft of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge. Designed to provide a responsive and consistent feel, the steel shaft ensures maximum energy transfer and improved accuracy on every shot. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the regular flex steel shaft of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge enhances your shot making capabilities and helps you achieve better results on the course.

Confidence-Inspiring Design

Classic Teardrop Head Shape

Gain the confidence to attack the pin with the classic teardrop head shape of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge. This iconic design not only provides visual appeal but also offers versatility and performance on the course. Whether you prefer a high, soft landing shot or a low, penetrating trajectory, the teardrop head shape of the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge gives you the confidence to execute any shot with precision and control.

Master Your Short Game Today

Experience the difference with the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge. With its precision engineering, versatile design, and confidence-inspiring features, this wedge is the ultimate tool for mastering your short game. Unlock your true potential on the course and enrich your performance with the XF Pro MRH 56° Wedge today.